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About us

We're here to help you with your specialty medication and provide ongoing, personalized support. We offer complete specialized care, with a range of medications, therapies and services to make managing your condition easier. Our experienced, specially trained pharmacists, understand the complexities of your condition and are available for confidential consultations.

Company History

Quality Drug was formed in 1996 by Fritz Duda of Fritz Duda Company and Roger Stangeland, retired Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Vons Companies, Inc.

Our Philosophy

We know that the members of our team are the key to our success, and as such, we challenge all of our employees to demonstrate the following fundamental values...

Mission Statement

We will operate our stores so you will enjoy a shopping experience that consistently exceeds your expectations and provide a clear alternative to chain drug stores.

Our Partners

Good Neighbor Pharmacy
California Association of Health Facilities
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